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Don’t Replace Asphalt Roof Shingles – Restore with Heat-Reflective Coating

Posted by David Laquer on 5/8/2013

Asphalt shingles are prone to dark stains caused by algae and dirt, as well as steady deterioration losing original color looking drab, dull and discolored, and erosion of the granules.  Asphalt shingles also absorb heat making rooms below much hotter than many other roofing structures. Although marketed as “25 year” or “40 year” solutions, the fact is that many of these products last nowhere near that long and are replaced much sooner, with no reimbursement from the manufacturer for the “warranty”.

Energy efficiency is a huge problem with asphalt shingles, because they tend to absorb a majority of the infrared heat from sunlight, causing huge temperature increases in attic and plenum spaces during air conditioning season.

Relatively new to the USA market, but with over 40 years and 850,000 roof installations of experience in Australia, the UK and around the world, Nutech Paint provides a solution to both problems – available in 37 standard plus available custom colors.

Nutech’s NXT Cool Coat, combined with their Asphalt Primer, provides 30% to 90% heat reflectance, self cleaning nanotechnology, and a breathable acrylic surface that encapsulates the shingle granules, halting deterioration.  The Asphalt Primer and two NXT Cool Coat topcoats “cross link” to provide a single durable, long-lasting surface. With a 12 year warranty, the roof can simply be recoated when necessary to give the roof a virtually unlimited service life.

Environmentally friendly – water based and low VOC, Nutech coatings are the perfect choice for roofing tied to rainwater storage systems.

Supported by a network of Application Contractors, Nutech Paint can be contacted at: 888-700-0284.

Don’t Re-Roof, Restore with Nutech Paint

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